Where’s the Best Place to go Dancing in King West – See a List of DJ Clubs

By Nicole | Bars

Jan 07

If you are looking for a hot night of dancing in Toronto’s trendy King West neighbourhood we’ve compiled a great list of clubs. King West bars make a pretty diverse collection, ranging from downtrodden pubs to sprawling areas with Toronto’s top DJs spinning at the front. Scattered between the far reaches of King West to the heart of downtown, here are a few of the top DJ clubs in the neighborhood worth a soundtrack listen.


Toybox is a DJ-spinner paradise, with electronic dance music ready to be lapped up, and all owned and operated by INK Entertainment. This is one of King West’s biggest dance spaces, complete with digital displays and pop art ready to thrill and entertain. Toybox only recently opened in 2019 and since its first weekend, the venue’s become a go-to favourite. The sound system is banging, AC is great (so good in the summer!), and staff are friendly. Saturdays are the best though any day they’re open is almost a guaranteed ‘right vibe’ and pouncing energy.


Goldie is a classic cocktail bar with signature and expected top-of-the-line drinks and eclectic tapas menu. Located at 619 King Street West, Goldie is a great place to come when you’re looking for somewhere to hang near a DJ or if you’re planning a party. The energy is off-the-hook, especially in the later hours. The lounge area is also a nice come-down from the busier parts of the venue. The music’s always curated to taste and if you meet someone, you can go elsewhere to carry on a conversation easy.

Early Mercy

Early Mercy is a mixed bar-lounge in the old Grand & Toy space, bringing together luxury with large, open spaces. Inside, you’ll find a bar at the centre of the room, high tables and chairs lining one side, booths on the other side, and numerous portraits of world leaders like Winston Churchill re-imagined. Early Mercy specializes in cocktails, though they also have a selection of wine and beer to try. The late-night crowd really gets Early Mercy going, with ladies in heels, blazer-wearing gentlemen, and a mix of cool folk ready to share in the vibe.

Call Her Juliet

Call Her Juliet is a nightclub located at 510 King Street West, with sensual art displayed throughout and bottle service. DJs spin the latest top 40 and hip hop tracks, mixing in different cultures and music to create something eclectic for listeners. Think afro beats, pop, dancehall, trap, and more. Call Her Juliet has struggled a little to hang onto the King West dance crowd in the face of newer clubs opening. That said, it’s still a solid hang-out with great dancing, mood, and atmosphere.

Fynn’s of Temple Bar

Although this is an Irish pub, they do have a dance floor and DJ spinning in the later hours. Let’s say the usual DJ fare isn’t really your jam. This is a great place to come to sit down, have a few beers, share a meal with friends, and then, should the mood strike, get out on the dance floor. It’s seemingly a cure-all for the after-work blues, feeding your tummy, heart, mind, and soul. Located at 489 King Street West, this one’s worth a check out.

Arcane Nightclub

Near King-Spadina, you’ll find Arcane owned and operated by the same people who oversee the Cibo Wine Bar. Arcane isn’t easy to find, located down an alleyway. Once you reach inside though, it’s all sound, lighting, and visuals. Featuring an urban, modern design, summers are blessed with an outdoor patio which is helpful in getting in and out. Arcane is one of the more unique King West nightclubs to pop up in recent memory with a barrage of baroque accents, goth-esque purple and black notes, and a massive 30-foot 4K display.

These 6 King West nightclubs are probably among the best in Toronto. There are also another half-dozen more nightclubs and pubs which are worth a mention on a list like this, including the Petty Cash Social House, Locals Only, Lost And Found, the Everleigh, the Citizen, and the Thompson Rooftop Lounge & Pool. Expanding a little further out, there are easily another dozen Toronto nightclubs to add. King West is a hub of DJ nightclubs, places to go dancing, and establishments dressed in luxury, creativity, and upscale eclecticism.

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