Where to Get the Best Tacos in King West!

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Jun 21

In the Toronto summer, there’s nothing like relaxing outside and enjoying a plate of tacos with a drink of your choice in-hand. For King West residents, finding the best taco is no challenge. Thankfully, there are at least a half-dozen amazing Mexican restaurants within the area.

La Carnita – 106 John Street

The King West La Carnita is not the only location for this growing restaurant. La Carnita can also be spotted in other hot, trendy neighborhoods across the city. However, the King West location is arguably their best – with two floors, a fun atmosphere, and timely crowd-friendly music.

Wilbur Mexicana – 552 King Street West

Some of the yummiest tacos on this list can be found at Wilbur Mexicana. The tacos are amazing, the laboratory-esque décor makes it a unique dining experience for those eating there, and there’s plenty of sauces to choose from to create your own ultimate taco. The tacos come relatively inexpensive, making them great to add to a larger table and to share between guests. Warning: it can get quite busy and you can expect a line-up during the busier hours.

El Caballito Tequila Bar – 220 King Street West

El Caballito might be a little bit far of a walk for some, but their food is more than worth the effort. If night time patios are your thing, visit El Caballito. They have a great patio with festive lights and decorations and the music’s always on. The popular tequila bar is never short on drink selection and the tacos can be easily customized according to taste.

Campechano Taqueria – 504 Adelaide Street West

Campechano Taqueria is close by with tacos and quesadillas made from house-made tortillas. Though Campechano Taqueria can oftentimes get quite busy during the lunch hours, it still boasts a friendly laidback vibe. The prices here, especially in comparison with other entries on our taco list, might keep some of the more bargain-friendly folks away. That said, the portion sizes are more than fair and the quality of food is as tasty as anything in the neighborhood.

There are numerous other taco joints throughout surrounding communities as well, such as Milagro, Tacorrito, Mi Taco Taqueria, to name a few. It’s safe to say that tacos are a regular favourite in King West and knowing that there are many high quality, inexpensive tacos in your own neighbourhood is a big bonus.

Any of the selections on this list can be argued as the best tacos in King West. There are many long, sunny, hot summer days in Toronto ahead, don’t hesitate to hit up some of these names. Delicious tacos await!


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