What You Need to Know About the Iconic Hudson Hotel Brand Moving into King West!

By Nicole | Best of King West

Feb 10

Toronto has never had a Hudson Hotel before so this will be a first. Made official in December 2019, the announcement was a surprising one.

Hudson Hotel has been a brand long attached with New York City. There, it’s been a place for tourists to go and book a room close to NY’s Central Park. For the first time ever, Hudson’s is expanding globally with its first location ever in Toronto.

The current proposal for Toronto’s Hudson Hotel puts it smack dab in the middle of our neighborhood of King West. Unlike other developments in the surrounding area, the Hudson Hotel is going to focus strictly on hotel services. This means they won’t be accommodating any condo units in the design.

Combing through the pages of what’s currently planned for the King West Hudson Hotel, one can see 146 rooms across a 75,000 square foot project. To be developed in partnership with Lamb Development Corp. and IE Hospitality, municipal approval hearings are scheduled for spring with the hopes of opening the Hudson Hotel at a to-be-decided date in 2024. Features are to include a three-meal restaurant, a rooftop restaurant, a bar and café, and various other amenities.

In terms of what we can expect the finished product to resemble, the architecture has already won much acclaim from the developers and other stakeholders associated with the project. Architecture design of Toronto’s Hudson Hotel is being handled by Peter Clewes of the architectsAlliance group. The DesignAgency group will be managing the creation of the interiors.

A large part of the interest that some Toronto locals have expressed around having a Hudson Hotel in the city is that the New York original is comfortably referred to by some as the ‘Sex and The City’ hotel. It featured prominently throughout the show’s run, although the design of the Toronto version will likely be quite a bit different.

This is the first international location of a Hudson Hotel and we are very proud to see King West chosen as its host. It is considered one of the hotel and hospitality industry’s most influential brands. With the addition of Hudson Hotel in the next decade, this marks yet another iconic name added to the growing list of world-renowned brands who are investing in our local community. We simply cannot wait to hear more details!

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