The Booming Condo Development In King West Continues

By Michael Camber | Blog

Oct 30

King West is filled with condo development projects at various stages of approval and completion. Almost more than any other neighbourhood in Toronto, King West has so much investment ongoing because of its past, present, and future. There is no community quite like King West, with the potential for so much more residential and commercial development around the corner.

King West has always been an iconic Toronto neighbourhood. It has been home to many Toronto-based corporations and small businesses. So much Toronto history has happened in this part of the city over the decades, and it’s been home to many of Toronto’s top movers and shakers. Despite King West being such an integral part of Toronto’s identity, in recent years, other communities may have received more attention for various reasons.

A neighbourhood like Liberty Village has won much praise for its redevelopment, turning abandoned historical buildings into a mix of offices and lofts. Then there’s also Queen West, which is praised as a hub of fashion and music and has regularly been called one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the city. Subsequently, a lot of the recent press surrounding King West has been in relation to the King Street pilot project, drawing mixed responses all around.

However, looking into what else is going on in King West, there’s a lot of promising work being done and so much luxury living already there. In the next decade, we expect to see King West become a popular locale for luxury condo developments and high-class living.

The community has attracted many developers for so many reasons, one being it’s prime downtown location. The neighbourhood has some great commercial enterprises who’ve set up shop and some of Canada’s biggest corporations moving in down the street. If you’re looking to get out and enjoy a Blue Jays game, a Leafs game, a concert, or to take in everything downtown Toronto has to offer, it’s a streetcar ride away. Comparatively, if you want to stay within walking distance, a lot of the condo developments in King West come with a luxurious list of amenities.

King West is the kind of neighborhood a Torontonian never wants to leave because it’s got so much going for it. As these new condo developments are completed, only more and more residential and commercial opportunities will arise in the popular hub.

Approximately 250 years ago, King West was one of the first streets laid out and built in what would become the City of Toronto. Today, King West is just as important to Toronto’s present and will continue to be towards its future. For small businesses seeking a place to set up shop, corporations looking for a solid neighbourhood to establish headquarters in, and residents looking for upscale, luxury condo living, King West has it all. The new face of King West is on its way and it’ll be a wonder to see it when today’s approved condo developments are all completed!

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