Take The Stress Away At Hoame On King West

By Michael Camber | Best of King West

Jan 17

Step into Hoame and forget about what’s weighing you down. With mindfulness being more popular than ever, Hoame has become one of Toronto’s newest hot spots. The new meditation studio helps Torontonians increase their cortisol levels and activate their mind, body, and spirit.

If you’re looking for a combination of futuristic-inspired design mixed in with what you’d expect from a traditional meditation room, this is exactly the spot. And when compared to other hot spots like this in downtown Toronto, it’s pretty affordable!


Hoame is located at 430 Adelaide Street West. It’s modern, upscale, and peaceful to say the least. Throughout the studio, you’ll find over 5,000 square feet of curated rooms, services, open spaces, and comfortable lounges. Members can choose from two meditation rooms – one ‘Light’ and the other ‘Dark’, in addition to the aforementioned Himalayan rock salt cave and an infrared sauna.

Co-founders Stephanie Kersta and Carolyn Plater built Hoame off of a mix of scientific research and therapy principles. Hoame was erected as a hub of community services where one could come and relieve stress while also fostering better mental health. If you’ve never meditated before, this might be the perfect place to give it a try. Hoame is not built like a traditional therapist’s office or a normal meditation centre. It was built to feel like a home, which is very much reflected in the décor. There’s a living room with a fireplace, an area with suspended armchairs, a communal table, and all sorts of contrasting spaces that are sure to appeal to one and all.

Take the ‘Light’ room as an example. ‘Light’ is meant to mimic the outdoors and daylight. At the front of the room, you’ll notice a wall of moss and greenery. Comparatively, ‘Dark’ is night-inspired with a ceiling of twinkling lights meant to represent the stars. All the classes in these rooms focus on seated meditation and mindful movement. If you don’t think sitting for an hour is something appealing to you, there are 60-minute ‘Move’ classes which keep the body moving.


After almost every meditation, a warm towel and a juice shot offered. Charcoal lemonade and homemade tea are readily available as well. Hoame also provides private yoga sessions in its impressive salt cave – something which has to be seen to be believed. Created as representation of a real Himalayan salt cave, there’s nothing like it anywhere else in King West or perhaps downtown Toronto. Submerge your feet in Himalayan salts and find a sense of calm wash over you. A 1-hour session in the Hoame salt cave begins at $45 per session.

Hoame is a great place to get rid of those negative feelings and bask in a good sweaty sit. This downtown studio moves away from traditional approaches to health and wellness, choosing contemporary preventative approaches that engage mental health and more. One of the greatest things about walking into Hoame and getting involved in the community is that you completely forget you’re actually in the heart of downtown Toronto. All the hustle and bustle fades, and all that remains is the mind-body connection. We highly recommend checking it out!


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