‘Project Spaces’ Is A Community Co-Office Space in King West

By Michael Camber | Best of King West

Jan 08

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-ups in Toronto sometimes struggle to find their first professional space. Rent is so expensive across the city, many entrepreneurs and freelancers often think it’s not possibble for them. But thanks to companies like Project Spaces, it is. If you need a place to meet clients or have a company that has grown large enough to require a physical location, consider King West’s Project Spaces as your starting point.

Amazing 24/7 accessible co-office spaces located in downtown King West, Project Spaces are complete with all types of amenities to ensure your company is adequately supported. Founded in 2011, Project Spaces aims to build Toronto’s next generation of entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and remote workers. Vibrant, open-concept workspaces are used across the property, impressive upon first viewing, to support those that are trying to get to the next level.

Among members who have reserved spaces in King West, these include start-up founders, content creators, web and app developers, social influencers, marketers, designers, and digital experts of all varieties. Membership rates, as of publication, range from $250 for a lounge space up to $450-$550 per desk. Project Spaces also has a second location in the Fashion District, if King West is further away from home than you’d prefer. If you’re not willing to commit at these price points, that’s no problem either as Project Spaces offers other membership options.

  • Day passes range from $20 – $30 and is ideal for anyone who wants to try Project Spaces, who is a visitor to Toronto, or who just wants to reserve something for the day.
  • Monthly passes begin at $45 per month and come with the ability to join weekly community networking events, 2 day passes, and access to select partner discounts.
  • The aforementioned $250/month lounge option comes with 24/7 Internet access, free coffee, and color printing capability.
  • The aforementioned $450/month desk option is complete with a permanent desk, storage, meeting room time, and mail service.

The King West Project Spaces location is found on the 4TH floor at 73 Bathurst Street. Nestled into a beautiful 120-year old building, be surrounded by brick and beams. For a workspace close to the Toronto Island Airport, this is as good as it gets.

Another benefit is if you establish a regular rental at Project Spaces, you get health and dental insurance coverage access through Canada’s first co-working health insurance plan known as ‘COHIP’. For freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs, and independent workers in agreements with Project Spaces, this might be a recommended buy – especially if you have employees.

Project Spaces is another amazing opportunity that’s bringing tech and creative start-ups, freelancers, and small businesses into King West. If you are looking to eventually get to your own office and/or are looking for somewhere remotely to set up shop in the interim, this is a highly acclaimed opportunity.

Project Spaces has won a lot of positive attention in the past six years and it’s more than warranted. Contact the company today through their website for more information on how to get set up with a reserved physical location in a pristine shared King West office.


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