Patagonia Pop-Up Market Brings The First Package-Free Market to Toronto

By Client Care | Best of King West

Jul 18

Minimizing waste production and tackling the growing ‘plastic problem’ in Toronto has become a huge focus for government officials, small business owners, and activists. Now, as the Patagonia Pop-Up Market is getting ready for its launch this month , it’s set to welcome one of the first package-free markets in Toronto.

Plastic is a huge problem for landfills, the natural environment, and our way of life as Torontonians. As we produce thousands of metric tons of plastic waste, so much of this is from single-use plastics. Even worse, all this plastic is going into our landfills. Thankfully, as more business owners have come to realize Toronto’s plastic problem, there’s been a lot of movement on eliminating plastic straws and other single-use plastics from the table.

The ‘Bare Market’ brand has said ‘no’ to plastics, recently setting up shop at the Bathurst-Finch Hub’s Farmers’ Market and soon to be coming to Patagonia. Package-free and affordable, browse a range of different products including body and home care products, pre-made food, and groceries in King West. All you need is a way to pick them up. Bring your own bag or container to the Patagonia Pop-Up Market in King West and fill up. Through Bare Market, there’s no plastic bags and no packaging being given out. That said, if you’ve forgotten to bring your own container, Bare Market will allow customers to either purchase a container directly from them or to borrow a reusable container for a fee that can be refunded at a later time.

To anyone in King West this summer, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to shop somewhere packaging-free, now’s your chance. Bare Market has set its sights on becoming Toronto’s newest specialty grocery store however it remains to be seen how successful its package-free market will be. There are already package-free businesses throughout Canada including a handful spread across Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver. To those businesses, they’ve already proven the model works, despite Toronto not having its own – yet. Needless to say, we have high hopes as the demand for quality products and commitment to environmentally-friendly packaging is high in King West!

Bare Market is still building its inventory however expect to find things like shampoo, makeup, bubble baths, essential oils, minerals and extracts, laundry detergent, and eco-friendly toys, among other products.

Also, by late July, it’s expected grocery and food products will be added to Bare Market shops. That said, the brand is still working with Toronto Public Health and other stakeholders to ensure bulk food product is being handled in accordance with safety and health regulations. All products sold packaging-free are being locally sourced and/or derived from environmentally sustainable sources. As more community initiatives like Bare Market are being established alongside and sometimes in partnership with some of Canada’s biggest corporate brands, it goes to show the amount of collaboration being cultivated in communities like Toronto’s King West.

The Patagonia Pop-Up Market is going to be open for business. For King West residents and any visitors in the neighborhood, browse package-free goods at Bare Market this Sunday, July 22nd between the hours of 11 am and 5:30 pm.


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