“My Meatball Place” on King West is Meat Lovers Heaven

By Michael Camber | Best of King West

Apr 24

All meat-eater loves meatballs – amirite? It’s sort of a common truth among individuals who eat meat. Meatballs are absolutely delicious, whether they’re topping a plate of spaghetti or on their own. Fortunate for Toronto, a new King West meatball restaurant has just opened up. Created by the same folks behind Indian restaurant My Roti Place, the new My Meatball Place has already become a runaway hit.

King West residents can stop into My Meatball Place during business hours to catch up on some fast-casual meatball menu items, inspired by and customized according to various world cuisines. Some of the internationally-flavored sauces used include the Mighty Marinara, Butter Masala, Aji and Beans, Coconut Thai, and Hakka Chilli.

Guests also get to personalize their meals according to what they prefer, creating the perfect meatball dish for any and all. First, choose a base – such as a bun with fries, rice, rigatoni, or house salad. Then, choose your meatballs and sauces. There’s chicken, beef, cheese potato, seafood, and even a veggie meatball and ‘superstar vegan’ meatball. Although meatballs maybe what you’ve come for, they’re technically not the only thing on the menu. If you’re with someone who is not in a meatball kind of mood, they may consider tequila chicken lollipops, grilled street corn, mozza grilled cheese, or a classic poutine.

My Meatball Place’s unique menu is a representation of the many beautiful cultures and ethnicities which line King West and outwards. This restaurant sought to fuse together all these flavors in an attempt to create a menu idea for almost any preference or dietary requirement. King West’s newest meatball joint is one which works perfectly as a late night snack and just as well as a quick lunch. Browsing the menu, you’ll also notice that it’s very affordable with menu items priced $13 and downwards. Compared with other King West restaurants, this is a very friendly and inexpensive menu that’s worth a quick bite.

If you can’t make it down to My Meatball Place in person at 617 King Street West, no problem because they deliver. My Meatball Place is listed on UberEats, Ritual, Doordash, Foodora, and Skip The Dishes.

Any meat or meatball fanatic is recommended to check this place out. The meatballs are filling, tender, and juicy. The big attraction though has got to be the sauces. All in all, it’s a wonderful meal to grab and go any time you’re out and about or on your way home after a day’s work. The customer service is top notch and the owners are on the ball with handling the unexpected in their first few months of being open. They’ve been very active on social media and listening to customer reviews to get everything just right for their audience.

From the customizations through to the pricing, My Meatball Place has already become a favourite among King West residents. Next time you’re walking by and your tummy’s grumbling, walk on in.


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