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By Michael Camber | Blog

Oct 18

I would like to let you know as of today, October 18th, 2016 there is one less Mortgage financing option for Non resident buyers.

As of today we lose the ability to fund non residents with 35% down and NO income or credit.

There are now 2 options for Non resident buyers:

Option 1) 50% down payment required

documents needed or not needed:
– Proof of down payment in a Canadian Bank account no later than 30 days prior to closing
– Primary residence only (no rentals)
– NO INCOME docs required
– NO CREDIT required
– Max Mortgage $750,000
– Max Amortization 25 years

Option 2) 35% down payment required 

documents needed or not needed:
– Full proof of income required (letter of employment, pay stubs and income tax returns)
– Full proof of down payment required (last 90 days bank statements)
– Letter of reference from a bank outside of Canada
– International Credit Bureau required or last 6 months bank statements
– Max Amortization 25 years
– No max Mortgage
– Rentals welcome (max. 2 properties in Canada)

***Also – Regaring the new Stress Test***

The NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA (NBC) WILL NOW APPLY THIS TO ALL MORTGAGES – EVEN THOSE WITH 20% OR MORE DOWN – as of now only the National Bank does this but others could soon follow.

Again this negatively affects the buyers max purchase power by approximately 20% (having to qualify based on the posted rate of 4.64% and a max amortization of 25 years)

If you have any clients working with National Bank and they have 20% down… please note they can still get normal financing at many ofther lenders with NO stress test.

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