King West Says Goodbye To Frings & Hello To Marbl & Mademoiselle

By Michael Camber | Best of King West

Dec 10

This past summer, the popular King West joint Frings closed their doors for good. Replacing the popular Frings is going to be two new hot spots – one called Marbl and the other, Mademoiselle.

As it turns out, the location has been bought by a Vancouver-based restaurant corporation and the concepts for 455 King West are being developed by PM Entertainment. With experience producing unique nightlife concept experiences in Vancouver, PM Entertainment first pencilled in an all-day restaurant West Oak for the spot. Then, there were plans to turn it into Pierre’s Champagne Lounge. However, all of those plans appears to have gone away and in its place are the aforementioned Marbl and Mademoiselle.


Though little is known about either spot, going by their Instagram, Marbl appears to be developing into a steak and wine restaurant. Marketed as ‘American modern cuisine’, visiting the brand’s website you won’t find much either beyond an email for media inquiries. Needless to say, we wish them luck at 455 King West, though no date has yet been set for Marbl’s opening.


Mademoiselle appears to be going for something a little more luxe and upper class. Think of Mademoiselle as a place you’d bring a first date you really want to impress or the sort of spot you’d hit up prior to a proposal. Unlike Marbl, it appears that Mademoiselle has set a tentative opening date for November 29, 2018. It’ll be interesting to see how 455 King West will change in the hands of PM Entertainment.


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