Have You Visited Petty Cash Yet?

By Michael Camber | Best of King West

Mar 29

Petty Cash brings together fresh, familiar eats with some pristinely designed, delicious pub food. Using a menu by chefs Steve Gonzalez and Nathan Middleton, you’ll see experience and creativity across its many menu items. Affordably priced, you can’t go wrong coming here any time you want to grab a friend and head out for a delicious meal.

If you’ve never been, Petty Cash is located in our very own King West neighbourhood at 487 Adelaide Street. From the minds behind Baro, Petty Cash combines fresh sandwiches with more familiar pub food, keeping up with its fun, casual atmosphere. There’s imagination here in everything from its murals all the way through to what’s on the plate.

Inside the restaurant, you’ll find an absolutely beautiful design combining greenery with a patio, DJ booth, and pool table. Looking around, you’ll notice a very retro looking wall of cassettes, perfect for taking Instagram selfies in front of. At Petty Cash, you’ll find plenty of vintage, aged décor and warm tones spread throughout.

Beyond its look, Petty Cash also has some really tasty food on its menu, perfect for any budget. There’s the hummus garden which has house hummus with roasted garlic and lime, to mix with broccoli, watermelon radish, asparagus, pepper, and cauliflower.

Then, there’s the faux pate which is another great plant-based meal, providing you with a toasted baguette in tandem with a spread of walnuts, mushrooms, lentils, and cognac for flavor. Adding a little bit of color on top, the beet juice makes the dish!

The popcorn chicken at Petty Cash is almost like an upscale version of KFC’s. Battered in Miller High Life, enjoy these chunks of meat covered in panko crumbs and dusted with paprika. For fussy eaters, enjoy this with some chipotle mayo and take in that delicious, smoky taste.

There’s also the buttermilk wings which can be provided in a number of flavors. Honey lime sriracha, buffalo, and spicy dry might be a few of the varieties you find here. Some of the other menu items you’ll find at Petty Cash include the taco-botua-salad which is sort of an uppity version of a Wendy’s taco salad and the always-consistent buttermilk fried chicken sandwich.

What you might notice in all these different meals is that, sure, it’s pub food but at the same time, Petty Cash takes things up a notch. Think of it a little bit like visiting a better version of a fast food diner. Needless to say, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you may not find the most vegan-friendly options here. It’s a very pro-meat kind of place and so no vegan will find very much to sink their teeth into here, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, the next time you’re out near Portland-Adelaide and are looking for a fine neighborhood social house to try out, Petty Cash might just be your new favourite place.


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