Best Bakeries in King West in 2020

By Nicole | Best of King West

Mar 09

King West is fortunate to have a number of hip cafes and artisan bakeries nearby. Some in the
neighbourhood and others a close walk away, you’re never far away from an independent coffee and fresh
baked goods.

To any neighbourhood, a good bakery is essential. They’re our gathering  and work places. For fresh baked breads, baguettes, croissants, donuts, cupcakes, scones, and specialty baked goods, here’s where you go in King West. We feel that some of Toronto’s very best bakeries can be found right here in King West:

Forno Cultura

When you think ‘best bakery in King West’, you probably should think of Forno Cultura. Located at 609 King
Street West, at King and Portland, Forno Cultura is one of Toronto’s best authentic Toronto bakeries. The urban-modern aesthetic combines with generations-old family recipes. In addition, imported Italian staples can be purchased including balsamic vinegar, Italian peeled tomatoes, olive oil, mineral waters, and more. Famous for their biscotti, focaccia, and so many different kinds of breads made from ancient grains, organic flour, and Italian imported ingredients. Plus, you must try their sandwiches. The pressed mushroom panino is our favourite.

Brioche Doree

Brioche Doree offers fresh baked goods and more, a great King West spot to grab food on-the-go. This is
your quintessential King West French-style bakery. They have been here for almost a decade, offering
consistent, reliable baked goods and savory lunch items. There are some communal and private tables
inside, located at 648 King Street West. The furniture’s sleek, light fixtures unique, and the atmosphere
focused on getting customers in and out with their new favourite bakery items.

Simit & Chai

Simit & Chai are known for their fresh-baked Turkish bagels. Enjoy your favourite with a coffee or tea
inside. A very charming location, find Simit & Chai at 787 King Street West. The high ceilings give the
place a real sense of openness. The décor blends textures with Middle Eastern-style furniture and
designs. The rich Turkish coffee is among the best in Toronto but you also have affordable teas. The
baked goods here include acclaimed street-style bagels known as ‘Simit’, coated in molasses and rolled
in seeds before baking.

SOMA Chocolatemaker

SOMA Chocolatemaker is a high-end chocolatier with a clear objective – chocolate, chocolate, and more
chocolate. Every day, they cook up small-batch sweets, gelato, drinking chocolate, and cookies. Located
at 443 King Street West, the chocolate is excellent and the price-point is high. All the chocolate they make on-site
which can be fascinating to watch from the other side of the glass. Though not your traditional King West
bakery, SOMA offers some of the best quality Toronto-made chocolate in the city hands-down.
The beauty of being in King West is that there’s so much life. New bakeries come, old ones go. Service is
always friendly and baked goods always come freshly made. From pastries to chocolates, there’s a lot of
baking inspiration in this part of the city. Come down and partake.


While not technically King West, Brodflour is tucked away at 8 Pardee Ave in Liberty Village – not too far – if top-notch artisanal baking is your goal. Probably one of the best bakeries in Toronto now, Brodflour actually mills its own flour and is inspired by the top-tier bakeries now found all over Scandinavia. In addition to fresh flour and loaves of bread, brodflour offers delicious breakfast and lunch options, including toasts and baked goods. Plus their coffee is excellent too.

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